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"The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing."

  – From the book “Foundation design”, by Coduto, Donald P.

'PhD is not only a certificate, PhD is also an experience. Experience and extensive training on research, collaboration, team-work, time management, coping with stress and communication with stakeholders. PhD is equivalent to 5-6 years of industrial experience on systematic thinking, problem solving, data analysis, visualization and results generation. PhD tells you that this candidate needs minimum supervision, have a make-it work attitude and I-can-solve-it perspective.

A PhD holder is someone who worked on a complex problem for years, analyzed data for years, squeezed hidden results from hard data and worked hard to convince committee members and the research community of his findings. Writing one SCI (ISI) journal is harder than thousands of 2-pages report. To put it simply, when hiring a data scientist, do not ask them if they knows Tableau or not. Do not ask them about if they knows python or not. They can learn a tool in a week, a programming language in one month.'


News & Updates


Learning technical English for mechanical engineers have been released by FaraDars and instructed by me:

Technical English for Mechanical Engineering Students


Hereby, I invite you to submit your original conference paper to virtual conference ICHSA 2022 (23-23 Feb. 2022). Deadline for manuscript submission is 1st December 2021. Besides, no registration fees is needed for submission. Indeed, manuscript submission is free of charge. Below, you can find the conference website:

ICHSA 2022 Website


Feel free to submit your original scientific papers in our chapter call:

Book Title: Artificial Neural Networks and its Impact on Metaheuristics and Engineering


Feel free to submit your original scientific papers in our paper call:

Advances in Mechanical Engineering: Special Collection: Metaheuristics and Soft Computing in Mechanical Engineering


Published in Sound and Vibration journal with title of “A wavelet-based scheme for impact identification of framed structures using combined genetic and water cycle algorithms”  (!).


My latest published book in IntechOpen Publication has been released (


The source codes of NNA for solving unconstrained and constrained optimization problems have been provided (more).


Our proposed method so called Neural Network Algorithm (NNA) inspired by the unique structure of ANNs has been published and it is available online (


Explaining and teaching Water Cycle Algorithm (WCA) for solving unconstrained, constrained, and discrete optimization problems in details in Persian language is provided by me in the below link:


All source codes related to WCA have been slightly modified.


ER-WCA for solving constrained optimization problem is included.


Discrete Versions (Ver. 1 and 2) of WCA for constrained and unconstrained optimization problems have been added.


Multi-objective WCA source codes along with an example are updated.


WCA, ERWCA, and a discrete version of WCA are updated.


Serving as a research fellow at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

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